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Pc strands
Pc strands

HS CODE: 73121000


PC strand is widely used in prestressed concrete structure. Its application is so wide that hardly any prestressed concrete structure is constructed without it. Bridges, high-rise buildings, industrial facilities, warehouses, stadiums, sport complexes, containment tanks, airports, seaports, train stations, railways, subways, monorails, tunnels, dams, reservoirs, above and underground mining operations, foundations etc. are just some of the applications where strand is used.


Yuantai 7-wire Low Relaxation PC Strand is renowned for its high quality and reliability. The product is also manufactured in accordance with GB/T5224-2003, AS/NZS 4672, ASTM A416, BS 5896, JIS G 3536 and pr EN 10138-3. Special-grade products are also can be manufactured to satisfy customers requirement.


1*21*31*71*19 wire prestressed concrete steel strand 12.7mm, 15.2mm and 17.8mm with minimum tensile strength 1860 MPA can be produced. And 1*7 wire prestressed concrete steel strand 21.6mm with minimum tensile strength 1770 MPA also can be produced.